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How to make a good cup of homemade coffee

Making a good, homemade coffee is not very difficult, there are only a few simple rules to follow. However, forgetting even one of these steps can alter the result, so pay attention!

First of all I would like to focus on the blend you will use to prepare your coffee.

Already-blended coffee, even if vacuumed packed, may lose its aroma. This is the reason why it is always better to blend the coffee yourself: coffee beans keep their properties unaltered for a very long time.

The best thing would be to buy a bean coffee blend and grind it immediately before making your coffee. However, if that is not possible, you can simply have the coffee beans grounded before buying them. Remember that fresh, grounded coffee must be consumed within 10/15 days, otherwise it will lose many of the properties which make a good coffee.

It is very important to buy a quality blend. Drinking coffee is a pleasure; it is therefore better to drink a few excellent coffees than many mediocre ones. The difference in price between a good-quality and a low-quality blend is of few cents per coffee. The difference in taste, however, is huge.

Water plays a very important role in coffee-making. Tap water is ok as long as it is free from high mineral content and its taste is not too strong, in which case it is better to use mineral water.

Coffee must be kept away from foods with strong scents ( such as teas, cheeses, spices, etc.) Coffee has the property of absorbing smells very easily, so it is better to keep it in airtight containers to preserve its aroma.


1.Fill the lower part of the Moka machine with water until the water reaches the safety valve. Be careful not to exaggerate with the water, otherwise the coffee will be too weak and watery.
2.Fill coffee filter with an abundant quantity of coffee but without pressing it; simply level it by gently beating the machine on a flat surface or using a teaspoon.
3.Fasten the Moka machine firmly and put it on a low flame.
4.Once the coffee starts to come out, immediately open the cover of the Moka to prevent moisture water from dripping into the coffee.
5.Shortly before the all the coffee has come out, take the Moka away from the stove to prevent the coffee from boiling. Be careful! If the coffee boils, it will taste burnt.
6.Before serving the coffee, it is important to gently stir it with a teaspoon so that the coffee which came out first ( and is therefore stronger) mixes with the one which came out last (and is weaker). Drink your coffee immediately, so that you can fully enjoy its taste and aroma. 

After using the Moka machine, wash each one of its parts separately and with warm water only; never use cleaning liquid. Clean the filter thoroughly to avoid that the remains of coffee become a breeding ground for germs.

When the Moka is new or has not been used for a long time, it is better to try it with a lot of water and little coffee at first. This way, the coffee will deposit a small amount of grease on the inner part of the machine, which will avoid the direct contact between the coffee and the aluminum of the Moka machine; The first coffee might have a metallic taste otherwise.